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BME-TFK Autumn Conference 2017
2017. October 3.
Our annual conference, focusing on translator and interpreter training, will be held on 29-30 September 2017 at BME Building E. At the event, organised in cooperation with OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd.), Kilgray Ltd. and the Budapest Office of DG for Translation of the European Commission, the core topic this year will...
Trainer-Trainer Workshop
2017. June 20.
This year’s second trainer-trainer workshop will be held on 21 June (at 1.00 p.m.) in Room 505. The primary objective of these informal meetings is to exchange knowledge and to discuss highly topical professional issues with colleagues working at other institutions training translators and interpreters. This event will focus on the competence profi...
Market-Student Meeting: Katalin P. Márkus
2017. May 8.
At the last Market-Student Meeting of the spring semester, Katalin P. Márkus will be our guest who will give us an insight into the mysteries of lexicography. Amongst other things, we will be able to hear about the pitfalls of using paper-based and online dictionaries and she will explain how the dictionary can be a "friend" of students. The pre...
Mentoring Programme 2017
2017. May 5.
Last December, our Centre announced its Mentoring Programme for the second time, which enables students to become more familiar with the translation and interpretation profession assisted by experienced mentors. The programme ends these days and closes with the presentation of the mentored students. They will talk to the guests about their role ...
Interviews with our students
2017. May 5.
We interviewed our students of specialised translation and conference interpreting in two short videos in which they tell us how they like our training and why it is worth studying at our Centre. :) The videos are available in Hungarian only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw3o36PPtgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbwx65frhYY
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