Results of this year's Scientific Student Conference

Winners of 1st Section:

  1. Bence Imre Nagy (consultant: Zsuzsa Ruzsbatzky)
  2. Laura Balku (consultant: Csilla Szabó PhD.)
  3. Flóra Jámbor (consultant: Csilla Szabó PhD.) and Lili Sotkovszky (consultant: Patrícia Beták)

Excellent Award: Judit Gáspár (consultant: Patrícia Beták)


Winners of 2nd Section:


3. Anna Faddi (consultant: Ágnes Élthes PhD.)


Special Award of the Centre of Modern Languages:


1st Section: Balázs Udvardy (consultant: Patrícia Beták)

2nd Section: Lilla Buzás (consultant: Ágnes Élthes PhD.)