BME-TFK Autumn Conference 2017
2017. October 3.
Our annual conference, focusing on translator and interpreter training, will be held on 29-30 September 2017 at BME Building E. At the event, organised in cooperation with OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attes...
Trainer-Trainer Workshop
2017. June 20.
This year’s second trainer-trainer workshop will be held on 21 June (at 1.00 p.m.) in Room 505. The primary objective of these informal meetings is to exchange knowledge and to discuss highly topical professional issues ...
Market-Student Meeting: Katalin P. Márkus
2017. May 8.
At the last Market-Student Meeting of the spring semester, Katalin P. Márkus will be our guest who will give us an insight into the mysteries of lexicography. Amongst other things, we will be able to hear about the pitfa...
Mentoring Programme 2017
2017. May 5.
Last December, our Centre announced its Mentoring Programme for the second time, which enables students to become more familiar with the translation and interpretation profession assisted by experienced mentors. The p...
Interviews with our students
2017. May 5.
We interviewed our students of specialised translation and conference interpreting in two short videos in which they tell us how they like our training and why it is worth studying at our Centre. :) The videos are ava...
We offer a unique model of lifestyle for the Y generation - an interview with the Director of the Centre for Modern Languages, Márta Fischer
2017. May 5.
Marta Fischer PhD, head of the Centre for Modern Languages, talks to the journalists of BUTE about the adaptation to new language learning needs, the development of special language skills, the importance of conscious la...
Movie Club at BUTE!
2017. May 5.
The Centre for Modern Languages, in cooperation with the National Technical Information Centre and Library of BUTE, will launch their Movie Club in April. The first film on the menu will be a French movie, "Les Souven...
Conference interpreter students visit SCIC in Brussels
2017. May 5.
On 3 and 4 April 2017, our students are visiting the Directorate General for Interpretation (SCIC) of European Commission in Brussels. They will have the opportunity to get to know the various functions of the institutio...
Open Day at the Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training
2017. May 5.
Our Open Day will be held on 21 April, where we are going to introduce the Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training to anyone interested with focus on, our training programmes and, application requirements. Besides...
Market-Student Meeting: Zsuzsanna Lakatos-Báldy
2017. May 5.
On our next Market-Student Meeting, Zsuzsanna Lakatos-Báldy, an interpreter working on a regular basis for the Budapest Cervantes Institute is going to be our guest. Among others, she will talk about the tasks an interpr...
Training assistant of EC DGI visits our Centre in March
2017. March 20.
Carlos Hoyos, training assistant of the European Commission Directorate General of Interpretation is going to visit us on 6 and 7 March. On these two days he will join our conference interpreter classes and will give...
Market-Student Meeting: Nándor Papp
2017. February 22.
On 21 February, the guest of our next Market-Student Meeting will be Nándor Papp interpreter and diplomat who is going to talk about what role has an interpreter in diplomacy and what protocol aspects has to take care ab...
Meet us on the 17th EDUCATIO International Education Expo
2017. January 13.
The exhibition of higher education has been held for several years giving information about higher education, language school opportunities and education tools those who are interested. Our Centre of Translator and In...
Presentations of Jeromos Conference 2016 are available online
2017. January 5.
The Jeromos Conference of Interpreters and Translators was held in September 2016 and organised by our Centre of Interpreter and Translastor Training. From now on, the presentations of the conference are available online...
Happy Winter Holidays!
2016. December 20.
“Kleine Weihnachten, grand Noel, Ki sült-e már, pan dulce? Se é pronto, gib es hier! Let me eat it varmt!”   We wish to every translator, interpreter, project manager, vendor manager, lector and every...
Christmas party 2016
2016. December 9.
Our annual Christmas party will be held on 15 December at 5pm. Our students will play different language games, and will have lots of fun. Everyone is welcome :)
Market-Student Meeting: Nicolas Martin
2016. December 1.
On our last programme of this semester, Nicolas Martin, intern of French Istitute of Budapest will talk about French cinema culture, which is non-commercially distributed by the French Institute of Paris. Martin is respo...
Interpreting of the presentations of the Scientific Student Conference
2016. November 24.
On our programme, the presentations of our university's student conference will be interpreted by our students for the audience. Time and place: 30 November 2016. 10:15am, BUTE Building E floor 8 room 806. Registra...
Results of this year's Scientific Student Conference
2016. November 22.
Winners of 1st Section: Bence Imre Nagy (consultant: Zsuzsa Ruzsbatzky) Laura Balku (consultant: Csilla Szabó PhD.) Flóra Jámbor (consultant: Csilla Szabó PhD.) and Lili Sotkovszky (consultant: Patrícia Beták)...
Our Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training on Youtube
2016. November 21.
Our Centre finally has launched its Youtube channel, where interesting presentations and programmes will be uploaded. The channel can be found on the following link:
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